Rep. Barbara Lee “I wanted quite frankly $2K a month until the end of the pandemic”

Appearing on The Cross Connection with Tiffany cross, Rep. Barbara Lee advocated $2k a month until the end of the pandemic.

Lee told Cross “We passed the HEROES Bill eight months ago that had $1,200 cash assistance in it. Of course, Donald Trump and the Republicans would not support that”

“Speaker Pelosi and many members had been negotiating, myself included, some of the provisions in this bill so we could help people with their livelihoods and their lives,” she continued “and so, I wanted quite frankly $2,000 a month, $2,000 a month until the end of the pandemic.”

“Now Donald Trump comes up with $2,000. Well, great, we support that. Do you think Republicans supported that?” she asked.

“No. And so we’re going to keep working because, you know, people can’t afford to live like on the edge. You cited 5 million more people living in poverty, now 8 million more.A couple of months ago, the reports came out that 8 million more people had lived and fallen below the poverty line. It’s unacceptable, and just know we’re doing everything we can do to get the Republicans to come around and to do the right thing,” she added.