Rep. Banks asks “Does Joe Biden even want to be President any more?” in scathing tweet storm

In a series of tweets, Rep. Jim Banks blasted Biden over the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

“Where is Joe Biden?” Banks wrote.

“Does Joe Biden even want to be President any more? #WheresBiden” Banks asked.

Triple face palm as Kyle Becker reported Sunday “Biden is *NOT* expected to address the nation today, according to CNN. He is still at his presidential “retreat””

“You know what else Joe Biden inherited? A secure border and energy independence.

He reversed those Trump policies on DAY 1 of his presidency!

Blaming President Trump while Joe Biden hides at Camp David is lame and cowardly!”

“Whether it’s the catastrophe in Afghanistan, our wide open southern border, or surging inflation, Joe Biden has refused to take any responsibility for his failed presidency.”

“Predictable, avoidable and would have never happened on Donald Trump’s watch! Historically damning headline that will forever be major part of Biden’s legacy.”