Rob Reiner “On Nov. 3 we will find out how many racists live in America”

In one of his latest provocative tweets, filmmaker Rob Reiner implied everyone who votes for President Trump is a racist.

Reiner tweeted:

Trump is a stone cold racist who is running his campaign as a proud White Supremacist. On Nov.3 we will find out how many racists live in America.

One the same day Reiner also wrote:

Some day Donald Trump will just go away. But it won’t be a miracle. It’ll be the American people on Nov.3.

His most recent tweet is a bit more cryptic:

Preshident Trup ish non compish mental.

Last week, Reiner called for a prominent Republican to ask for Trump to step down, writing:

It’s time for a prominent elected Republican to ask the President to step down.