Redford Says Impeaching Trump Is Pointless If There Will Be “No Planet to Live On”

Actor Robert Redford says there’s no point in impeaching President Trump, if we don’t have no planet left to live on.

Breitbart reported that Redford wrote in a recent op-ed for TIME that political controversies and agendas like impeaching President Donald Trump and admitting refugees won’t matter if climate change destroys the planet.

In the piece, titled “Don’t Fall for Political Distractions. Saving Our Planet Must Come First,” Robert Redford writes, “Collusion, obstruction of justice, impeachment or not, greedy tax breaks, medical care for all or none, refugees seeking compassion at our borders — as a citizen, I care deeply about all these things.”

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From Fox News

Hollywood actor and director Robert Redford says impeaching President Trump doesn’t matter very much “without a planet to live on.”

The 82-year-old veteran actor made the clarion call to put climate change activism at the top of the list on everyone’s agenda in an Earth Day op-ed for

The No. 1 priority for combatting climate change is to elect leaders who oppose it.

Redford said President Trump “has made terrible decisions followed by worse decisions” like promising to withdraw from the Paris Agreement or appointing “climate change deniers to head the EPA,” among others.

“Nothing stands in our way but ourselves,” the Hollywood actor concluded.

Redford pointed to voting early this year in another op-ed for the Washington Post, asking young people to make Trump a one-term president in 2020.

“We have a president who degrades everything he touches, a person who does not understand (or care?) that his duty is to defend our democracy,” he said, in part.

In August, Redford told Entertainment Weekly he planned to retire after starring in the film “The Old Man & the Gun.”

“Never say never, but I pretty well concluded that this would be it for me in terms of acting,” he told EW at the time, “and [I’ll] move towards retirement after this ’cause I’ve been doing it since I was 21.”