Rapper T.I. Calls for $44 Trillion in Slavery Reparations, $1 Million per descendent

Appearing on “The Breakfast Club” Rapper T.I. proposed $44 Trillion in Slavery Reparations, and $1 ml

“My goal is to get every black person in America that’s a descendant of slavery one million dollars, at least.” T.I. said “That take about $44 trillion. So that’s my goal, so I’m working up on $44 trillion.”

“Everything black people spend money on, it should be a black company that provides it,” T.I. continued

“If we make up for 13% of this nation’s population, we should make up for 13% of the ownership of land. We should be representing at least 13%, 14% on boards [of] financial institutions, and so on and so forth. That should be persistent or consistent throughout, but it is not.”

The rapper later added “Your grandchildren are little brown babies, and society, nobody likes you, bro. You take that little d**k energy. Nobody likes you. You’re not cool and fun and hip to be around. You got no sauce, no drip, no flavor, it’s literally food with no flavor, so it’s up. … They’re seeing that their grip is loosening, and it’s our time now.”