Rapper Mocks Portland Cop “If you was a man, you would grab the microphone & you would f-ing rap”

In a bizarre episode that took place last night in Portland, a rapper mocked a Portland cop while performing a full protest-themed rap in front of him.

Of his many “put down” lines against the police, the rapper said “If you was a man, you would grab the microphone & you would f**king rap”


On the same night, Portland rioters chanted “burn it down” while lighting things on fire outside the Portland Police precinct.

This here was a mattress they set on fire.

Here they play their new “F Ted Wheeler” (the mayor of Portland) rap song.

Per the Portland Police:

“Shortly after arriving, the crowd began chanting, among other things, “burn it down.” Some dragged a mattress into the street, Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard at Northeast Emerson Street, and lit it on fire. Because it was not an immediate threat to life safety or structures, officers remained far back and did not engage. Another mattress was added to the fire, as was some yard debris. The larger fire began to send lit embers into the air. Multnomah County has a burn ban in effect due to extremely dry conditions. Portland Fire and Rescue expressed concern about the danger the fire posed to the community. Portland Police notified the gathering that firefighters would be moving in to extinguish the fire. ”