Rand Paul says he will oppose 5,593 page spending bill

Moments ago, Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) said he will oppose the 5,593 page spending bill.

In addition he mocked that members of Congress were essentially given only 6 hours to read this 5,593 page bill, arguing its impossible.”

Paul wrote “We can choose to let our economies open, with guidance and precautions but not obstruction. Let people rebuild their livelihoods. Reopen our schools so kids can learn and parents can go back to working and earning a living.

Congress should do away with automatic spending increases and scrutinize where in our budget we can find savings to pay for the pressing needs arising from the pandemic. This is what I prefer and what I have proposed.

Or Congress can follow the status quo: Congress can continue to borrow from our kids–the same ones whom we have locked out of schools. Congress can keep enabling the shutting down of business by force, spend all of today’s money and all of tomorrow’s money.

It doesn’t have to be this way. This debt crisis is a preventable crisis. It is not too late to change our course. Cut unnecessary spending, eliminate waste, stop fighting a $50 billion per year forever war in Afghanistan. Make the hard decisions now.

I will oppose this new debt, and I will continue to sound the alarm until we change our course here in Congress.

Deficit busting bill will be 5,593 pages! If 250 words per page, then that’s 1,398,250 words If Congresspeople read at the American average of 300 words/min (a big assumption) then a Congressperson might read this in 4,660 minutes or 77.68 hours! (if no rest breaks)

My guess Big Spenders in Both Parties will pass this without anybody ever really reading it. Not me,  I’m a no.”

Other members of Congress also blasted the time given before voting on the bill.

Chip Roy wrote “5600 pages. Votes allegedly in 6 hours. Neither Democrats nor Republicans should vote for this nonsense. There should be bipartisan rejection of this absurdity.”