Rand Paul blasts “socialist spending” shares 4 specific examples of “waste we need to stop”

Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul shared four specific examples of “waste we need to stop.”

Paul wrote:

The Department of Defense spent $174,000,000.00 supplying drones to the Afghan National Army and then subsequently lost them.

The National Institutes of Health is spending five years and $1,039,544.00 to try to help people get over their fears of going to the dentist. 

The National Science Foundation is spending $199,864.00 to see how people cooperate while playing e-sport video games.

U.S. Agency for International Development is spending $10,000,000.00 and 5 years to attempt to improve Zimbabwe’s political process.

Paul sounded off during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.”


You can read Paul’s 2020 full 139 page airing of spending grievances here.