Rachel Maddow “This Sort Of Debate Shouldn’t Happen In A Democracy”

Reacting to the first 2020 presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, MSBNC host Rachel Maddow argued “this sort Of debate shouldn’t happen in a democracy.”

“The clear choice that the American people have to make doesn’t much feel like a choice between Biden and Trump,” Maddow said.

“It feels like a choice between a type of civic, normal politics, where there are debates, which have rules, where people on both sides may talk over each other a little bit, but at least they are participating in the same process, and we ultimately decide which one of them we want to be the leader,” she continued.

“Or we have what we have seen tonight, and what this incumbent president is promising, which is a monstrous, unintelligible display of logorrhea, which has absolutely nothing to do with civic discourse, with debate, or even with the integrity of the contest they’re about to approach…. This sort of debate shouldn’t happen in a democracy,” she added.