“Quarantine Life” Is Trending on Twitter, Here are Some of the Top Tweets

With more people around the world staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic #QuarantineLife is trending at #2 on Twitter.

Many are sharing funny videos and positive messages of inspiration.

Here are some of the tweets.

Dear Christians: today is a perfect day to call an elderly neighbor or a sick friend and tell them that you will get them groceries or medicines anytime.

Help other people.

Let them know they are not alone.

i wish i was in Italy rn they’re all just vibing


This made me step up my cleaning game UGH!

My Italian neighbor is vibing with this


Coronavirus has people coming back from the grocery store like…

Waking up on Day 3 of and seeing Coronavirus II trending

I mean…he’s not wrong

Take care of you, first.
Then, have a look around.
Care for your family. You community.
Take care of each other. Love each other.


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