Purell manufacturer is hit with class action lawsuit for ‘misleading claims’ on effectiveness

DailyMail reports the manufacturer of Purell has been hit with a lawsuit for ‘misleading claims’ about how effective the hand sanitizer actually is, according to recently filed court papers obtained by DailyMail.com.

Four individuals filed the class action lawsuit against Gojo Industries, Inc. last Friday in the federal court for the Northern District of Ohio, as coronavirus fears swept through the country and shelves were wiped clean of Purell and other disinfectants.

The suit references Purell’s bottle label that claims it ‘kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs,’ claiming the ‘labeling and marketing… is misleading because they imply sound scientific support when none exists.’

It adds that while Purell is advertised at ‘helping to prevent infection, as well as diseases such as the flu and the common cold,’ there is ‘no sound scientific evidence to support the claims’.

The plaintiffs seek an undetermined amount in damages for any customer who bought the hand sanitizer and ‘relied upon the product’s packaging and marketing materials.’

The case states: ‘[Gojo] has falsely advertised the qualities and capabilities of the [Purell] and misled consumers into purchasing [Purell]’.

The suit points to the FDA’s warning letter to Gojo on January 17, 2020, regarding its ‘false and misleading marketing’.

The suit states: ‘The Warning Letter specifically noted that additional representations Defendant had made about the Products’ effectiveness against the flu, norovirus, and ebola were unsubstantiated insofar as the FDA was not aware of any study showing that killing bacteria or virus on skin reduced the likelihood of infection or disease in users.’

The letter informed Gojo that Purell as it was currently formulated and labeled was ‘in violation of the FDC Act’ because ‘the FDA was not aware of any reliable studies concluding that the Products help prevent the spread of infection and disease.’

Fear of COVID-19 has led people to stock up on Purell and other disinfectants, leaving store shelves empty.