Publication mocked for reporting Jacob Blake had knife in car but was “otherwise unarmed”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is being brutally mocked on social media for their headline covering the Wisconsin DOJ’s new disclosures on the Jacob Blake shooting.

The title of the piece written by Sophie Carson reads “Jacob Blake had knife in car but was otherwise unarmed, Wisconsin DOJ says as it releases name of Kenosha officer who shot him in the back.

Ben Shapiro wrote “”Otherwise unarmed.” “Mostly peaceful.” The media are lying to you, and they are doing so because they believe you are stupid.

Here are some other reactions to the headline:

“otherwise unarmed” fellas you know the cops are allowed to kill you before you try to stab them right? and yes if the back is whats exposed that’s where they will shoot if you appear to be reaching with intent.

“Aside from that weapon, he didn’t have another weapon? Dumb.”

“Oh ok Are we really THAT stupid!?”