Psaki asked what Harris means when she said she hasn’t gone to the border yet over “Covid Issues”

Monday, Steve Doocey asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki “Vice President Harris says that she’s not gone to the border yet because “We have to deal with COVID issues.” What is she referring to?”

Psaki did not give a direct answer, instead responding “Well, I would certainly have to ask her team about that specifically, but I would tell you also that her focus is not on the border; it’s on addressing the root causes in the Northern Triangle. And that’s why the majority of her time has been spent on working with — on a diplomatic level.”

“She is going to speak — have a bilateral meeting with the President of Guatemala this afternoon. She’s going to speak with the President of Mexico next week. And she’s working with them to ensure there are systems put in place to reduce the amount of migration coming from these countries, but also to address the root causes. And that’s really what the President has asked her to do,” she added.