Psaki asked if Yellen will recuse herself on Gamestop issue having been paid $800k by Citadel for speaking

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared to dodge a question from a reporter on whether newly confirmed Treasury Janet Yellen would recuse herself on advising President Biden on the issue involving Gamestop and Robinhood given the fact she has been paid $800k in speaking fees from Citadel.

The reporter asked Psaki “with the markets and everything that is happening with Gamestop, you did mention yesterday that the Treasury Secretary is monitoring the situation and she is on top of it.”

She added “there have been some concerns about her previous engagement with Citadel, and speaking fees she has received from Citadel. Are there any plans to have her recuse herself on advising the president on Gamestop in the whole Robinhood situation?”

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted:

Any Republican in Washington DC worth a damn should be calling for an immediate investigation into Robinhood and Citadel.

And while they’re at it, subpoena Janet Yellen & lets find out if there was pressure coming from the Biden Admin to protect their cronies on Wall Streeet!!!