Protests after Loudoun County boy found guilty of sexually assaulting classmate in girl’s bathroom

A judge has found a teenage boy guilty of sexually assaulting a classmate in a girls bathroom in Loudoun County’s Stone Bridge High School.

The teenage boy was reportedly wearing a “dress” during the incident.

The victim’s father, Scott Smith is now planning on suing the school system.

Fox 5 reported that investigators say the teen forced a female classmate into an empty room, where he groped her.

“According to the Loudoun County sheriff’s office, the boy was 14 when he sexually assaulted a girl at Stone Bridge High School on May 28,”  the report adds.

The Sheriff’s office said in a statement “the October 6, 2021 incident at Broad Run High School did not involve complex circumstances, the arrest was immediate, and the arrest was reported to the community as information released was unlikely to disclose the identity of the victim. However, the May 28, 2021 investigation was different in that the suspect and victim were familiar with each other, the investigation was complex, and a public announcement had the potential to identify a juvenile victim.”

Loudon County students took place in a “walk out” protest in solidarity with the victim.

Parents and protesters, including self-described Democrats, also gathered to oppose the Loudoun County School Board.