Protesters gather outside Postmaster General’s DC. home, blast airhorns, bang pots

Saturday, protesters organized by the group “Shut Down DC”  gathered outside the D.C. home of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy blasting airhorns and banging pots and pans.


According to their website, the organization Shutdown DC believes “Louis DeJoy, one of Donald Trump’s big donors, is dismantling the U.S. Postal Service ahead of mass mail-in voting in the 2020 presidential election.”

The continue “The purpose behind DeJoy’s appointment as postmaster general became even clearer today when, in an interview with Fox Business, Trump connected funding for the postal service with mail-in ballots and his chances for re-election.”

The organization claims “In the last week, DeJoy has fired or reassigned much of the existing USPS leadership and ordered the removal of mail sorting machines that are fundamental to the functioning of the postal service. Meanwhile, mail delivery is slowing down under other decisions made by DeJoy, such as eliminating overtime for postal workers.”

More videos from their protest event: