Protesters chant “slavery, genocide and war—America was never great” while burning flag

Per Alejandro Alvarez on July 4th,

Things got tense at Black Lives Matter plaza when RevCom, short for Revolutionary Communist Party, attempted to burn a few small American flags only for other protesters to run in and confront them. “This is what they want, don’t give it to them,” someone says.

After arguments with protesters who disagreed with their action, RevCom have managed to get a larger flag burning outside the gated Lafayette Square to chants of “slavery, genocide and war—America was never great.” Within seconds, it’s reduced to ash.

Hundreds have marched from Black Lives Matter plaza to near the base of the Washington Moniment, moving onto the National Mall between the tons of people sitting on the grass to watch the fireworks starting soon.

and a group of Trump supporters started taunting each other. Police rushed in to establish separation. Aside from a few shredded MAGA banners, we’ve narrowly avoided a clash moments before the fireworks.

Riot police confronting protesters on the National Mall — fully geared up with batons, shields and all — while fireworks boom in the sky with patriotic music blaring might be the ultimate snapshot of where we are as a country right now.

The group I’ve been following exited during the last of the fireworks. There’s a cloud of smoke drifting into downtown D.C. and it reeks of sulfur. It’s calm at BLM plaza, where the Occupy H St. encampment is settling in for a second night, uncertain if they’ll be cleared.