Progressive “resistance” group never keen on Biden, endorses him

A progressive “resistance” group that did not have Joe Biden on the top of their list of 2020 candidates is endorsing him nevertheless.

Co-founder Ezra Levin called Biden “Abraham Lincoln compared to Donald Trump.”

NBC News reports Indivisible, the influential progressive “resistance” group founded in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election, plans to endorse Joe Biden on Monday, its founders told NBC News.

The former vice president was never the group’s favored candidate to take on Trump, with a February survey of its members showing that just 6 percent picked Biden among the then-crowded Democratic presidential primary field, well behind Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

But the group’s grassroots members and local chapter leaders voted overwhelmingly to support Biden, the apparent Democratic nominee, with Indivisible co-founder Ezra Levin calling him “Abraham Lincoln compared to Donald Trump.”

About 95 percent of Indivisible’s members backed endorsing Biden.

The group, which includes dozens of independent local chapters, started the election cycle by getting its members and every major Democratic presidential candidate to sign a pledge vowing to support the eventual Democratic nominee and to work as hard as they can to defeat Trump.

In an interview, Levin and his co-founder, Leah Greenberg, said they are making good on that pledge. And while it may take some work for Biden to get some Indivisible members excited about his candidacy, they said they are not seeing major defections from their members, who are first and foremost committed to ousting Trump.

“Nobody is taking their ball and going home,” Greenberg said.