Pro-Trump Actor Blasts Susan Rice After Her Ominous Prediction About the GOP’s Future

Thursday, former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice responded to a tweet by John Weaver.

Weaver tweeted:

Burn it down. The GOP has put the country on the path toward corrupt authoritarian rule. All that remains to stop this are sweeping Democratic wins in November. We are all in this together.

Susan Rice added:

“This is not going to end well — for the GOP.”

On the same day, Rice referred to Trump and Senate Republicans as “jokers” and called them a “disgrace.”

This is where Pro-Trump actor Isaiah Washington came in, blasting Rice.

Washington replied to Rice, writing:

No my dear. This is not going to end well for you and the @DNC but go off! Or you can just do a documentary with @netflix about how y’all tried to destroy the Republic and lost cc: