Pressley, AOC, Jayapal urge Biden to Cancel Student Debt

Progressive “squad” members AOC and Ayanna Pressley are both pushing on President Biden to cancel student debt.

In February, Pressley said during an emotional speech “With the stroke of a pen, President Biden can provide relief to tens of millions of families across the country [and] close the racial wealth gap’”

Pressley has repeatedly called for Biden to cancel $50k in student debt, a proposal also supported by Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren.

AOC has suggested that $10k in cancelled student debt would not be enough, writing “Average student loan debt in the US is ~$30k (LOTS have more)

Many won’t fully feel $10k in forgiveness until after a Biden presidency is over, when they’ve spent 10 years paying off the other $20k+”

Sunday, Rep. Pramila Jayapal also chimed in, tweeting “@POTUS
should cancel $50,000 of student loan debt.”