President Trump Fires Back at Niece Mary, calls her “unstable” and “shunned, scorned and mocked her entire life”

President Trump has fired back at niece Mary Trump, the author of a negative “tell all” book about him and frequent guest on cable news.

Trump wrote “About the only way a person is able to write a book on me is if they agree that it will contain as much bad “stuff” as possible, much of which is lies. It’s like getting a job with CNN or MSDNC and saying that “President Trump is great.” You have ZERO chance. FAKE NEWS!”

He added in a subsequent tweet “..Even whether it’s dumb warmongers like John Bolton, social pretenders like Bob Woodward, who never has anything good to say, or an unstable niece, who was now rightfully shunned, scorned and mocked her entire life, and never even liked by her own very kind & caring grandfather!”

After writing her “tell all” book, Mary Trump has been a frequent guest on MSNBC lately and has released several recordings of family members attacking President Trump.