President of “Open Society” Soros organization resigns, clearing way for potential Biden cabinet post

Patrick Gaspard, the President of George Soros’ “Open Society Foundations” announced he will resign, cleaning the way for him to potentially take a role in the Biden administration.

Axios reported his stepping down is “fueling speculation that he’ll join the Biden administration, potentially as Labor secretary.”

The report adds “Before his stint as ambassador, Gaspard was Obama’s political director in the White House, drawing upon his experience in the labor movement to advance Obama’s legislative agenda on health care and financial services reform.”

Gaspard wrote in his resignation letter to colleagues “I write to share with you that I will leave Open Society at the end of the year.”

“After four profound years of service to this extraordinary institution, and at a critical juncture for the democracy that is my home, I am compelled to charge once more unto the breech in a new political moment,” he added.

George Soros tweeted “I applaud Patrick Gaspard’s leadership of the Open Society Foundations in a world beset by illiberalism. Mark Malloch-Brown will be Open Society’s new president. He is deeply familiar with its work and shares my vision of philanthropy.

In an Op-Ed for Fox News, Tucker Carlson blasts the potential appointment.

Carlson writes “Patrick Gaspard could soon be America’s labor secretary, a Cabinet official. So if you’re asking yourself, “Does a 90-year-old, left-wing Hungarian financier have enough control over the way my country operates?”, the answer is decidedly, “Yes.” George Soros definitely has enough power now, much more power than you have, for sure.”