Portland Rioters Throw Fire Bombs at Police, Injure at Least One of Their Own Amid Chaos

According to the Portland Police, multiple “fire bombs” were thrown at officers last night, and rioters injured at least one of their own during the throwing of these explosives.

On the 100th consecutive day of unrest, the Portland Police declared yet another riot.


This appears to be the injured person the Portland Police are referring to.

WARNING: Graphic Footage

More footage of what appears to be molotov cocktails.


Portland Police warned “Police are making repeated announcements. This remains a riot. Members of the group have thrown Molotov cocktails injuring at least one community member. Failure to disperse may result in arrest citation crowd control agents including tear gas and/or impact weapons.”

More footage of the chaos last night.

“A parked car is doused with teargas and has its alarm set off after a canister exploded underneath”

“Smoke bombs and teargas are launched back and forth between police and protesters near the Black Lives Matter Snack Van”

“It’s like a war zone in the residential area of SE Portland where antifa are rioting tonight.”

The moment Police declared a riot.