Portland Proposal Mandates Private Buildings Provide Space for Homeless to “Rest and Be Welcome”

Oriana Magnera, a Portland planning commissioner is pushing a proposal to mandate private buildings to provide space for the homeless to “rest and be welcome.”

Per Williamette Week, if a majority of the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission has its way, new private buildings downtown will be required to include spaces where houseless Portlanders can “rest,” which could include sleeping and pitching tents.

“The heart of the issue is that we have increasing housing costs and we cannot support all of the people who live here now and are going to live here in the future,” says Oriana Magnera, the planning commissioner who pushed hardest to include the new language.

Magnera’s proposal would stretch what’s asked of developers and owners of new private buildings, such as stores and apartment complexes.

Her idea initially drew support from all her colleagues, but after further discussion encountered strong pushback from a minority of commissioners, who may still try to derail it before it reaches the City Council.

The controversial proposal comes as City Hall tries a variety of ways to come to terms with a housing shortage that has left thousands of people sleeping in the wintry streets. In recent weeks, as WW has reported, the city has rolled out a new plan for how first responders respond to non-emergency 911 calls and floated a proposal to ban camping adjacent to Providence Park and other spectator venues.

BizPacReview reports Oriana Magnera has a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies and is the director of “climate policy” at Verde, a Portland “environmental justice” group.

For some reason, Magnera is not concerned that encouraging homeless people to loiter and defecate in front of residential and commercial buildings would pollute those areas, tank real-estate values, and hurt businesses.

Magnera pushed to explicitly state in the guidelines that the homeless can “rest and be welcome” in front of residential and commercial buildings. “We need spaces where folks can feel supported and safe,” she chirped.


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