Portland Police Clash with Rioters Who Refused to Follow Instruction to Clear the Area

Last night Portland police were forced to clash with rioters who chose to refuse to follow police instruction to clear the area.

A stunning video of the clash was shared on social media by Segio Olmos.


Portland Police tweeted:

Portland Police are making loudspeaker announcements to individuals throwing rocks on the east side of the building at N.E. 47/Burnside. Anyone who does may be subject to arrest or use of force to include crowd control munitions

Portland Police are directing people in this riot to move away to the west or be subject to arrest, use of force to include crowd control munitions pepper spray or tear gas

Portland Police are announcing for people to stop throwing rocks and other objects, vandalizing the facility and trespassing. If people continue with this criminal activity we will declare a riot move people from the area

More footage of a chaotic Saturday night: