Portland Police Chief on “autonomous zone” says “We are aware of the stockpile of weapons and the presence of firearms”

In an update on the growing autonomous zone Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell said “Those present at the barricade should leave it behind, put down your weapons, and allow the neighborhood to return to peace and order.”

He added “We are aware of the stockpile of weapons and the presence of firearms.”

Lovell also tweeted “I wanted to say a few words to each of you about activity along North Mississippi.”

He continued “Many of you have placed yourself in harm’s way serving the community there, at great risk to yourselves, and continue to do so. That is not lost on anyone. Planning is underway and we will continue to deal with the issue there.”

He added “I want to encourage you to be safe and take care of each other. You have significant community support. The work doesn’t stop in the rest of the city while this is going on. I know that and I thank you such deep commitment to your jobs, this community and each other. Thank you.”

According to Andy Ngo “he antifa Red House autonomous zone continues to grow as it is now in its fourth day. Militants continue to build new border check points further and further out to buffer the area. The zone is now three blocks long. ”