Portland Mayor candidate backs Biden’s claim that Antifa is “an idea not an organization”

During her recent debate with Mayor Ted Wheeler, Portland Mayor candidate Sarah Iannarone backed Biden’s controversial debate claim that Antifa is “an idea not an organization.”


Iannarone, who is leading Mayor Ted Wheeler in a recent poll, recently made news after being spotted wearing a skirt featuring the images of 3 iconic communist figures – Mao Zedong, Che Guevarra and Joseph Stalin..


Iannarone tweeted last year “I am Antifa.”

Sarah responded to the controversy of her skirt by tweeting “Lots of talk about portraits of communists on a skirt I wore to a spectacle in 2016, but nobody wants to take on the Ninja, Space Force or James Dean images on there, too? Cowards.”

She added” for the record, art as social commentary is not the same as endorsement.”