Pompeo defends Trump, says people walking away from the President “are not listening to the American people”

During a meeting with Republican lawmakers Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continued to defend President Trump amid calls for his removal.

“I am proud of what we’ve accomplished,” Pompeo declared “not just in the national security, foreign policy space, which I’ve worked with, but the things that we’ve done with families, the pro-life work that we have done. These are things that will truly be historic.”

“I think history will remember us very well for these things when the books are written,” he added.

Pompeo argued that those distancing themselves from Trump are “not listening to the American people.”

“While I think we all think the violence that took place in the place where you all work in the Capitol was tragic,” Pompeo said “I’ve watched people walk away from this president already. And they are not listening to the American people. Not remotely.”