Polling suggests Newsom in serious danger of being recalled as CA Governor

Polling aggregated by analytics site 538 shows Gavin Newsom in serious danger of being recalled as California Governor.

Currently keep leads remove in the aggregate polling by just over 1%.

Keep is at 48.8% compared to Remove at 47.6%.

Recent polling from YouGov has Keep as +3.

However a poll prior by SurveyUSA, rated as a “A” pollster by 538 has Remove +9.

Steven Maviglio, a political consultant and former press secretary to recalled California Gov. Gray Davis warned “Republicans are motivated, and Democrats aren’t.” He added “The concern right now is it’s August.”

Paul Mitchell, vice president of Political Data Inc said “The reality is that if the governor is recalled, that’s going to send shockwaves through Democrats running for Congress and legislature and governor in other states.”