Pollak: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman Was Suspected of Leaking

In light of Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman and his brother being ousted moments ago, Joel Pollak of Breitbart reminds everyone in a new flashback article that Vindman was suspected of leaking.

Pollak writes:

Former National Security Council official Tim Morrison testified during the House Intelligence Committee’s closed-door hearings in the impeachment inquiry in October that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman had been suspected by others of leaking information — apart from the controversy over President Donald Trump’s July 25th telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Vindman was removed from his job at the National Security Council on Friday and escorted from White House grounds.

In a statement, Lt. Col. Vindman’s lawyer said that there was “no question in the mind of any American” that his client had been fired for testifying against the president at the impeachment inquiry.

However, there may also have been an independent reason: he was suspected of being a leaker.

Morrison himself did not share that suspicion, but he testified that others expressed “concerns” about Vindman possibly leaking information.

Vindman’s lawyer prevented the committee’s Republican counsel from asking Morrison about the issue, saying it was “outside the scope” of the inquiry.

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