POLL: Trump Leads Biden by just 3% in Utah

Despite Utah being considered a reliably red state, President Trump leads Biden by a mere 3% in a new Utah poll.

Utah was won by Trump by roughly 18% in 2016.

However, Independent candidate Evan McMullin received 21.54% of the vote.

Per UtahPolicy, the last time Utah voted for a Democrat for president was Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1964. The Beehive State’s 56-year streak of voting for Republicans for president may be in real danger according to a new poll.

The UtahPolicy.com/KUTV 2 News survey conducted by Y2 Analytics finds Republican Donald Trump leading presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by just 3 points, 44-41 percent. 8 percent of likely voters say they would support a third-party candidate. 5 percent were undecided while 1 percent picked another candidate.

The close race is likely a factor of Trump’s unpopularity instead of rising support for Biden. Trump’s lead shrunk 2 points from our April survey showing him leading Biden 46-41 percent.

Trump’s poor showing in Utah is in line with 2016 when he carried the state with just 45.5 percent. Clearly, Trump has not expanded his base of support since that time.

Biden leads Trump nationally by 5.5 percent in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

The “gender gap” in our poll is huge as male voters in Utah are much more supportive of the president than women voters. Trump leads Biden among men 51-35 percent, but trails Biden among women voters 47-37 percent. If you add the 16 point lead for Trump among men, and Biden’s 10 point lead among women, you get a 24 point gender gap