POLL: Public opinion of Meghan and Harry plummet to new low after Oprah interview

The public opinion of Prince Harry and Meghan took a dive after their much watched Oprah interview where Meghan accused the UK royal family of racism.

According to the new YouGov poll, Prince Harry now has a net negative of -3, with 45 per cent of Britons having a positive opinion of him compared to 48 per cent who regard him negatively.

This is a fall of 15 points from the same poll taken a week ago.

Meanwhile, Meghan’s score have been hit even harder.

Only three in ten people said they had a positive opinion of her.

6 in 10 view her negatively, giving her a net -27 rating compared to -14 just a week ago.

Megyn Kelly tweeted the news, writing “After Oprah interview, only 3 in 10 ppl see Meghan Markle favorably & more ppl dislike Harry than like him – a new low for both of them. These two aren’t fooling anyone, and no one feels sorry for them.”