POLL: More Voters Trust Trump than Biden for the Post-Coronavirus Economic Recovery

A new Morning Consult poll finds more registered voters trusted President Trump than Joe Biden to handle economic recovery following the coronavirus.

Trump scored 43% of voters in this category compared to 40% for Biden.

Biden led in the topics of “health care” and “uniting the country.”

From Morning Consult:

As more local economies slowly reopen amid the ongoing pandemic, businesses across the country are facing a new challenge: Not everyone is comfortable venturing out just yet. Morning Consult is tracking consumers’ comfort level returning to the public sphere for pastimes, such as going to the movies or to the gym, amid the ongoing threat of COVID-19. As of mid-May, fewer than a quarter of U.S. adults say they feel safe engaging in a range of leisure activities. Read more

Reopening economies hasn’t meaningfully boosted consumer confidence:

A new analysis finds the recent fall in consumer confidence didn’t start with statewide shutdowns, and reopenings haven’t provided a boost. While the state-level shutdowns may have exacerbated the fall in confidence in late March, consumers had been already growing less optimistic about the economy.

Consumer confidence across all 50 states had begun to decrease by March 19, before any of the states issued stay-at-home orders. Similarly, consumer confidence stabilized across most states in mid-April before the first states began reopening their economies. Read more

Voters trust Biden over Trump on containing the COVID-19 outbreak; Trump maintains edge on the economic recovery: 

The coronavirus outbreak and related economic downturn will almost certainly be the top issue for voters in November. Which presidential candidate this favors will likely hinge on what aspect of the crisis is most at the forefront of voters’ minds, as new polling indicates.

When it comes to containing the spread of the coronavirus, former Vice President Joe Biden has opened up a 7-point lead against President Donald Trump in terms of voter trust: 42 percent trust Biden more on this issue, while 35 percent trust Trump more. B

iden is also favored by 6 points in terms of “leadership during a crisis” and by 11 points when it comes to “uniting the country.” For context, the latest Morning Consult head-to-head polling shows Biden leading Trump by 5 points nationally, 46 percent to 41 percent.

However, if the virus appears relatively under control by the fall and voters are more focused on rebuilding the economy, those conditions could be more favorable for Trump: 43 percent of voters trust Trump more on the post-pandemic economic recovery, while 40 percent trust Biden more. Trump leads by a similar margin on the broader topics of “jobs” and “the economy.”