POLL: Majority of Americans want Trump barred from running for office again

According to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll the majority of Americans wants Trump banned from ever running from office again.

Per the Hill “Fifty-seven percent of U.S. voters said they believe that Trump’s single term in the White House should be both the beginning and end of his career in electoral politics.”

The report adds “another 43 percent said they do not want to see the soon-to-be former president banned from seeking elected office in the future.”

Mark Penn, director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, said “the post-Capitol-riot polling on Trump is mixed as he maintained a fairly high job approval rating in our poll, but 48 percent said he should be impeached vs. censure or doing nothing, and a majority favored a ban on his running in the future.”

He added “this was seen as an appropriate penalty at this point.”

If President Trump is convicted during Democrats second impeachment attempt, he will be barred from running for President again.