POLL: Joe Kennedy’s Senate Bid Not Looking Good Despite Pelosi Endorsement

A new poll from the University of Massachusetts Lowell does not look promising for Joe Kennedy’s Senate primary challenge.

This is despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsing Kennedy over his progressive rival Edward Markey in the Massachusetts Senate primary.

“I wasn’t too happy with some of the assault that I saw made on the Kennedy family,” Pelosi told the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty, “and I thought, Joe didn’t ask me to endorse him, but I felt an imperative to do so.”

The new UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion poll has Markey, a co-author of the Green New Deal, with 52% support compared to only 40% support for Joe Kennedy.

A separate poll from Data for Progress also shows Markey with a significant lead, albeit smaller.

That poll has Markey with 46% compared to 38% for Kennedy, a 8 percent margin.

Joe Kennedy was asked to give the State of the Union response in 2018, but his address was tainted in the media with what he claims was too much chap stick that looked like “drool” to many viewers.