Poll finds professional sports lost viewership from “woke” social justice messaging

According to a new YouGov, Yahoo poll, a large numbers of Americans were turned off from watching professional sports because of the push for “social justice” in their messaging.

Per the report “as athletes and leagues embraced a new, progressive strategy aimed at amplifying messages of social justice and political advocacy, some Americans began watching more sports, but about three times as many watched less.”

The poll found 11% saying they watch more sports because of the added political and social messaging.

However, more than 3 times more, 34.5% watch less.

Ratings across all major sports were down in 2020 and the report concludes “it’s clear from this poll that politics and social justice had some impact on the ratings decline.”

Between the sexes, men were more likely to turn away from sports because of the social justice push.

In addition, Republicans were far more likely to watch less sports, with 53 percent watching less once the “woke” messaging became more prominent.