Poll finds Newsmax more watched by GOP Voters than CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC

A new poll from Fabrizo Lee and Associates finds Newsmax to be the second most watched network for Republicans, above CNN, ABC and NBC News.

Newsmax only trails Fox News.

Another interesting finding in the poll is that 32% of Newsmax viewers are former Fox viewers.

The pollsters write of their findings “No question that Fox’s loss among GOP voters are Newsmax’s and OANN’s gains. Many GOP voters who are former Fox viewers claim they watch either Newsmax or OANN at least once a week, with none of the competing news networks coming even close.”

They add “when compared to its overall reach into GOP voters, Newsmax’s weekly reach increases a net of 12 points among GOP Trump voters, while OANN’s reach increases a net of 10 points. Fox’s reach only increases a net of 6 point.”