Poll finds most Democratic staffers think Dems will lose the House in 2022

A new poll finds most Democrat Capitol Hill staffers believes Republicans will re-take the House in 2022.

Only 48% of Democrat staffers believe they will retain the House next year compared to 97% of Republicans who believes they can take back the House.

Overall 72% believe Democrats will lose the House majority next year.

Per Punchbowl News:

We have some brand new results from The Canvass, a tracking poll of senior Capitol Hill aides from both parties, powered by the Locust Street Group.

The biggest news: For the first time since we started the survey, a majority of Democratic staffers now believe their party will lose their House majority in 2022. This comes as a key House Democratic moderate, Rep. Ron Kind of Wisconsin, announced his retirement. So the nervousness about their future is growing in Democratic ranks. This is something Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House will watch very closely. Then Vice President Joe Biden saw what happened to Barack Obama when Democrats lost their majority in 2010, and he knows what that means for the Democratic agenda.