Poll Finds More Voters Approve of Romney’s Vote to Convict Trump

While Utah Senator Mitt Romney is clearly considered a Benedict Arnold to Trump supporters, a new Morning/Consult poll found more voters approve of his decision the convict Trump than disapprove.

The poll included both Democrats and Republican voters.

84% of Democrats approved vs. only 15% of Republicans.

USAToday reports by a more than 10-point margin, registered voters approve of Republican Sen. Mitt Romney’s decision to break with his party and vote to convict President Donald Trump on one of the articles of impeachment against him, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll conducted after last week’s vote.

The Utah senator’s vote marked the first time in U.S. history that a senator voted to convict a president from his own party in an impeachment trial.

Half of the voters surveyed said they approved of Romney’s vote to find Trump guilty of abuse of power, while 39% said they disapproved and 10% said they didn’t know or didn’t have an opinion.

As with most polling on Trump’s impeachment, the results largely fell along party lines. Eighty-four percent of Democrats approved of Romney’s vote and 11% disapproved, while 15% of Republicans approved and 76% disapproved. Independents backed Romney’s vote 47%-33% (19% weren’t sure).