Poll asks if LeBron James or Colin Kaepernick is “worse for sports”

A new unscientific Twitter poll from David Hookstead asked “Who is worse for sports: LeBron James or Colin Kaepernick?”

After 1,855 unscientific Twitter votes, LeBron James garnered 60.1% of the vote compared to 39.9% of the vote for Kaepernick.

Here are some of the comments.


Because he actually dominates his sport. Unlike Kap who was a decent QB but not elite.

Lebron is worse. He ruined a great sport.

Kap was below average QB who had no future. Once tape enough tape existed on Kap for D’s to game plan, it was over for him.

With his kneeling “Woke Kap” stared the divide between the NFL and the fans. LeBron just used that to push
his own platform once it was a national issue.

Can there be a both option?