POLL: 66% of Republicans Support Trump running for President again in 2024

A new poll from Seven Letter Insight found roughly 2/3rds of Republicans support Trump running for President again in 2024.

According to The Hill, the survey is Seven Letter Insight’s first-ever nationwide voter priorities poll and included 1,500 respondents fielded from Nov. 10 through Nov. 19.

Sixty-seven percent of Republicans also said they would support Trump peacefully transitioning power to the Biden administration. Eighty percent of independents shared that sentiment, as did 85 percent of Democrats.

Other findings – 8 in 10 have lost respect for the other side.

Three quarters believe are less likely to trust the other side.

67% of Biden voters voted FOR Joe Biden rather than AGAINST Donald Trump.

82% of Trump voters voted FOR Donald Trump rather than AGAINST Joe Biden.