Politico Reporter: Biden team blocking press pool access during his orthopedic office visit

According to reporter Alex Thompson of Politico, the press poll is not being blocked from coving Joe Biden at the Orthopedic office after he says he twisted his ankle playing with his dog Major.

Thompson tweeted “The press pool is now at an Orthopedic specialist in Newark, DE & the press van was maneuvered so that reporters & photogs couldn’t see Biden as he entered the building he transition team will not allow journalists off the van either. via pooler @JonathanTamari”

He added “more update from the Doctor on Biden’s foot: “there is no obvious fracture and he will be getting an additional CT for more detailed imaging.” Will he wear a boot? Crutches?”

“Biden now getting a CT scan. “After a short drive the motorcade pulled into the Delaware Imaging Network facility at the Omega Professional Center in Newark…to get a CT scan,” per the pool. Camera got some video.”

One NBC news photographer was able to capture some footage of Biden leaving the orthopedic office.