Police: Antifa member charged with pointing a loaded gun at a officer, obstructing an officer

A Wisconsin man police say has ties to Antifa has been arrested after allegedly having a flamethrower as well as smoke grenades and fireworks during a demonstration in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Matthew Banta, 23, is also charged with pointing a loaded gun at a police officer during a protest in Waupaca County.

According to the criminal complaint Banta “is known to be a violent Antifa member who incites violence in otherwise relatively peaceful protests.”

According to police, he has the nickname “Commander Red.”

Per WBAY News, Green Bay police say they were called for “a whole bunch of white people with sticks, baseball bats and helmets headed… towards the police” on Walnut St. near Webster Ave.

..A responding officer says he saw four individuals walking towards a protest with baseball bats. One man was wearing a metal helmet with goggles and military-style gear with multiple pouches, and was carrying an Antifa flag. When the officer pulled his squad car in front of the group, they ran away. The officer caught Banta, who was carrying the flag, and says Banta “dropped into the fetal position and began crying.” He accused the officer of lying on him; the officer replied nobody was on him.