Planned Parenthood Solicits for Donations of Masks, Hand sanitizer Amid Pandemic

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Planned Parenthood is asking for donations for its clinics across the nation for masks and medical equipment.

Many of these are the same supplies are in shortage and needed by hospitals and medical professionals that are directly treating coronavirus patients.

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles sent the following email to supporters with President Sue Dunlap writing “As gloves, masks, and medications run low, we are doing all that we can to procure supplies for the essential care our community is depending on us to provide.”

Planned parenthood in Keystone, PA has a similar request.

Donations Needed:

In uncertain times like this, Planned Parenthood is as committed to patients as always. We will provide as many people as possible with the critical sexual health care they need to stay safe and healthy. 

In order to help us do this, please consider donating hand sanitizer, home sewn masks, shoe covers, and surgical hats to protect our medical staff as they continue to provide care in our communities.”

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