Planned Parenthood Endorses Biden, Org Leader says “This is literally a life and death election”

NPR reports with abortion rights advocates on the defensive at the federal and state levels over the last four years, Planned Parenthood’s advocacy arm is endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden in his race to defeat President Trump.

Activists are putting their hope in Biden, whom some see as having a mixed record on abortion, as they watch a U.S. Supreme Court reshaped by Trump appointees for key decisions that could scale back access to abortion and birth control. They’re also reeling from a series of policy reversals related to reproductive health during the Trump administration.

“This is literally a life and death election,” Alexis McGill Johnson, acting president of Planned Parenthood, told NPR ahead of the announcement. “We felt like we can’t endure another four years of Trump; we have to do everything we can to get him out of office.”

In a video statement announcing the endorsement, Biden pledges his support for reproductive rights and highlights his work on the Affordable Care Act during his time as President Barack Obama’s vice president.

The law required participating insurers to cover reproductive health screenings and contraception without a co-pay.