Piers Morgan: Trump should take a knee in Oval Office on live TV to unify country

TheHill reports British TV morning host Piers Morgan called on President Trump to take a knee on live TV from the Oval Office, arguing Monday that such a grand gesture might ensure reelection.

Morgan, a former CNN prime-time host and one-time supporter of the president, made the remark in an opinion piece for the Daily Mail as protests over the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd on May 25 enter their third week.

“From the start of the protests, the President has done nothing but pour ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ fuel onto the flames, acting as a divisive lightening rod with his incendiary rhetoric,” Morgan wrote. “Yet the more he rages, and the more he vows to ‘dominate’ the protestors, the more tone-deaf and out-of-touch he looks – as his crashing approval ratings indicate.”

Morgan said he was offering advice in light of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson suggesting during a CNN appearance on Sunday that Trump is likely to discuss race issues this week.

“If President Trump really wants to make a statement about race and unity, one that rocks the entire world, then with the American people watching live on TV, he should simply take the knee in the Oval Office,” the former “Apprentice” contestant wrote. “In one stunning moment, Trump could heal so many wounds, unify so much of the country, and quite probably get himself re-elected.”

The president trails presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by 7.8 percentage points in the RealClearPolitics polling average, with the two candidates running neck and neck in key battleground states.