Piers Calls Out “Shrieking Trump Haters” Reminds them Obama ALSO Deported Illegals

Democrats, the media, and other anti-Trump voices have recently focused their attention towards President Trump’s immigration policies, including his plans to deport “millions” of illegal aliens in coming weeks.

While the president’s detractors have reacted to the news with increasing outrage, journalist Piers Morgan recently pointed out to the “shrieking Trump haters” that former President Barack Obama “deported THREE MILLION immigrants.”

Morgan also noted that Obama deported illegal aliens “at a far faster rate than Trump,” adding, “Yet none of you cared.”

Social media commenters largely agreed, with many pointing lambasting the media for their coverage of Trump’s efforts to address the growing migration crisis at the US-Mexico border, and for their hypocrisy in failing to be “outraged” by Obama’s similar actions.