PHOTOS, VIDEO: Trump supporters hold boat parade along Oneida Lake

CNYCentral reports local Trump supporters gathered to cruise along Oneida Lake on Sunday to support the president’s re-election campaign.

Dubbed the 2020 Oneida Lake Trump Flotilla, people gathered at Brewerton and Sylvan Beach on Sunday morning to prepare for the ride. Boaters were encouraged to grab their favorite American Flag and Trump flags and to decorate their boats.

A land rally organized by the Mohawk Valley Central New Yorkers for Trump and Tenney along with Main Street Patriots was also held on Canal Street in Sylvan Beach.

Event organizers encouraged people ahead of the event to bring a mask and follow social distancing guidelines. Many people at the event were seen not wearing masks, however, a handful did. A deputy sheriff from Oneida County was present at the staging for the event in Brewerton to oversee it.

Describing the mood at the event, Kathy Hafter, one of the participants, said, “It’s an awesome mood, patriotic… Central New York supports Trump.”

“It’s a big boost for him,” Hafter said. “Lord knows he needs the boost because he’s not getting support from anywhere.”

“Except for the people that matter – us,” said Stacey Amoia, who was standing with Hafter.