PHOTOS and VIDEO: India goes wild for Melania as first lady takes equal billing

According to a new report from DailyMail, First Lady Melania Trump received a warm welcome in India, who respectfully gave her equal billing on billboards to President Trump.

Per DailyMail: India has gone wild for Melania Trump, giving her equal billing on billboards welcoming President Donald Trump to the country and praising her signature Be Best campaign.

The first lady received a boisterous welcome from the 110,000 capacity crowd at the Sardar Patel Stadium, the largest cricket stadium in the world, when she joined her husband and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a rally.

She didn’t speak but Modi praised her signature Be Best campaign, which promotes the well-being of children, in his remarks.

‘First Lady Melania Trump, your presence here is a great honor for us,’ Modi said as the crowd cheered. ‘Your efforts for building a healthy America are yielding good results. What you are doing for children in society is praise worthy.’

She smiled and waved to the crowd when she arrived and sat with the two leaders in their glassed-in box, surrounded by flowers.

The notoriously shy Melania was directly in the spotlight during the first day of the Trumps’ two-day state visit to India.

She was at every event on Monday, from a visit the Trumps’ arrival until they capped the day at the Taj Mahal, and appeared in nearly every photographic frame.