Philadelphia Immigration Judge Retires Over Trump Admin Policies

A Philadelphia immigration judge is retiring after turning 70 over being disappointed with Trump admin changes.

Judge Charles Honeyman elaborated during a recent interview with NPR.


Philadelphia Inquirer reports Philadelphia immigration Judge Charles Honeyman had intended to work a few more years after turning 70, but grew disappointed with what he saw as Trump administration pressures on the courts.

Among his concerns: unrealistic docket demands and quotas to quickly clear cases, a lack of concern for meaningful due process, and the continuing transformation of the immigration appeals bureau into “a Politburo-like rubber stamp.”

“I love what I did,” Honeyman said in an interview, “but at some point I was just not comfortable.”

Per Yahoo, the Trump administration has lately announced even tougher measures to crack down on undocumented immigrants already living in the US, including deploying tactical ICE teams to so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse to assist the authorities in immigration enforcement.

Philadelphia is one such city, and recently won a case against the Department of Justice after it threatened to withhold millions of dollars in federal funds for law enforcement unless the city complied with new enforcement requirements.